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Wayne Mouland

Hello and welcome! this is Wayne Mouland, founder of Echo Movement and Echo CleanUp.

BAck story and purpose

His journey began many years ago, my father had a number of negative decisions and actions that led to a very dark space. As time went on, he received a series of signs and divine messages pointing him in another direction. Through these messages, he was led to the practice of meditation and mindfulness, which changed his life and many more lives as well.

Becoming aware of his emotions, thoughts, and actions and how they impacted not only himself, but the world around him, brought a sense of clarity to my fathers life. His  purpose in life became clear, and his connection to Mother Earth and the world around me intensified. Through this realization of what his life was meant to be, he founded Echo Movement to share His experiences and guidance with anyone in search of something more. Now that he has passed on, me, my brother and the many members are continuing to echo the movement further, to get even more people in too meditation and mindfulness, through daliy meditations and more. 


His last days were spend hosting weekly clean ups around the GTA through our Echo CleanUps. When he was not picking up litter along the waterfront, he was mentoring others, participating in other community organizations such as Feed it Forward, and continuously practicing meditation. He also enjoy spreading love and inspiration though his music and artistic persona – Rapper Double MC.

Interested in learning more about our team? Get in touch with use today! Much love to all that is.

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