Meditation for Beginners

Here are a few good videos regarding meditation for beginners.

I often hear people say things like…”oh I have a hard time with meditation” or “I’m no good at meditation.” Well I must admit, I too was once one of those people. I came to realize, like most things, it didn’t happen overnight. It took time and by remaining focused and being consistent with adding it to my daily routine, I then began to become present to how amazing it was in so many ways. As I researched more and more, I began learning wonderful things like Energy and Vibration, Universal Laws such as Law of Attraction and so forth. I also realized how we speak things into existence and how our thoughts and feelings are the keys to what we experience here. Having said that, choose your words, thoughts and feelings wisely and align them with the experience you would prefer.

Meditation changed my life and I recommend it for Everyone.

Founder of Echo Movement

Wayne Mouland

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Daily mass group meditations have begun at these times in each time zone. 5, 7, 9 and 11:11 both AM and PM. Please meditate as many times a day as you can. The synchronized meditations are posted on the Daily Meditation. There are also a Positive Affirmation, Third Eye opening meditation and Healer Meditation sections as well. These meditations will be updated by-weekly. Please recruit as many people as you can and feel free to send in any topics you believe we should be asking to see manifested into our collective reality. Please send any meditations you would like to submit for use on Echo Movement to info@echomovement.ca.