Wayne’s Echo – It’s Never Too Late

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Wayne Mouland’s book “Wayne’s Echo It’s Never Too Late, From Street Gangster to Meditation Mentor” helps us navigate through the feelings of shame, judgement, unforgiveness, past hurts and regret while carrying us to a place of hope, light and love. Get the physical copy as well as a downloadable ebook with this order!

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8 reviews for Wayne’s Echo – It’s Never Too Late

  1. Josh (verified owner)

    Wayne is a true inspiration to anyone going through a struggle wanting to come out a better person on the other side. Highly recommended.

  2. Angie pai

    A great book provides an opportunity for understanding from both a parent and self perspective.
    While going with the journey, reflect back to the core where it all started, but experience acompany with true power.

  3. Angie pai

    A great book provides an opportunity understanding from both a parent and self reflect perspectives with openness and compassion.
    While along the journey with Wayne’s story, it took me back to the core where it all begins but this time, acompany and experience with true power.
    All is love.

  4. Annee Simnovec (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Wayne`s Book for everyone to read, I truly loved it , I will be reading it many more times.. I am inspired very much by the way he transformed his life . I had goosebumps reading it , I couldn’t put it down , I was moved beyond words, reading his book made me cry as it stir emotions for myself and my old way of life ..
    Wayne Mouland is an inspiration to many including myself
    I am following the Echo Movement , I love the Echo Song
    I was honor to be his first guest on his new show Echo Helps , Live Meditations on Wednesday at 10pm , I had immediate relief during the Live Meditation
    I cried with happiness , he is truly a blessing
    Wayne came through the other side in the most powerful way ,truly inspiring incredable really
    Thank you for sharing your Life`s Journey with us , with me .. much respect Wayne

  5. Delia

    Wayne is truly an inspiration to us all his book has touch my heart brought emotional, goosebumps and hope to others that are going through hard times truly grateful to know Wayne as the man he is today I recommend everyone to order this book it will touch your heart and inspire you ❤️️

  6. Delia

    Wayne is my inspiration he has brought me goosebumps, motional while reading his book I’m grateful for the man he has become today for anyone who is going through the same situation your life can turn around I recommend everyone to purchase this book

  7. Aaron Mouland

    This is a perrrrrfect book that helped me by shining light on my fathers life

  8. Ryan

    Excellent book

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